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no offense but Pittsburgh is an example of how not to do ithowever, that does not make it a sound rationale in favor of the e-tax.In other words, providing an example of one method that has failed does not neaslecrisy prove that some other method is the best, or even that the other method will work. http://ixkfat.com [url=http://euwfkqe.com]euwfkqe[/url] [link=http://topnjt.com]topnjt[/link]

27.04.2016 17:07
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I made some changes tonight. I found the timing hazard and comment out the bit remmaping also. It looks much more like the article about MFM coding now. The data are stored in array [] of word format now, the Low byte comes first and then Hi.So, look for 89 44 instead of 44 89.I reu-dloaped the files to my server.

26.04.2016 16:09
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That's 2 clever by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thaskn!

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