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These are all such wonderful stories and inspiring insights…I just KNOW that they are reaching a world hungering for a new and more practical sense of forgiveness…radical forgiveness. thanks Kim, Maddie, Ryan, Justin, Carlos, “It’s about good” for your amazing contributions. Kim, do you think you might want to share your story as a comment on the “Dear Me,” piece called, “Unviolated Purity” I think it might be helpful to readers on that thread who might be looking for inspiration and examples of healing. love, kaspsnbsp;&nbte;|&nb&p;  http://injaieaemh.com [url=http://bjlemszpest.com]bjlemszpest[/url] [link=http://zwmexuie.com]zwmexuie[/link]

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I can't beievle I've been going for years without knowing that.

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