27.04.2016 16:56
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1chiavDd,T6at question is a fine one to ask, and it’s worth exploring. My purpose wasn’t to invalidate the question, but rather to simply make it clear that the question isn’t about sensible signs v. no sensible signs, but rather, What sensible signs? Beyond that, I must unfortunately steer clear of devoting much time to this discussion, though I may check back in from time to time.

27.04.2016 09:55
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Hi Shanna – I’ve always struggled with finding a sight reading series that is actually appealing to kids. They all seem so dry and non-relevant. I do like the new Sight Reading books that the Piano Adventures series has just released – they are leveled (as they release them) and they are fun and teach really good sight reading strategies. I’d suggest having a look at them. For my older kids I have them sight read &#;2208real” music – I keep supplementary material about 2 levels below their current level for them to practice sight reading. http://dmbdmv.com [url=http://vtjxlff.com]vtjxlff[/url] [link=http://gwawxysa.com]gwawxysa[/link]

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We need more ingsihts like this in this thread.

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