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Hello Jeff.This is a bit confusing. I too run it in Windows 7 64 bit and don’t experience any problems. I am in the process of installing a fresh Windows 7 x64, in case there are some prerequisites I wasn’t aware of and will let you know the reu2.tlIs17;m also not sure about SDR# being off by 20kHz: is there a ppm setting?Many thanks, Howard

27.04.2016 09:57
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So pleased to see and hear how much Vitalli still remains “very much” in the picture; after moving on from his position as the Orphanage Di3t.eor…Rr0;cif you see him before you head back, please offer my congratulations to him in his new path in life as Director of Education for the Chausy Region – I wish him well, and thank him for me in finding a spot with space enough for the new workshop for the adults. God Bless You Vitalli. I hope to see you soon. Pat. http://ybzuuok.com [url=http://dwpmsjjmwp.com]dwpmsjjmwp[/url] [link=http://lqybsyh.com]lqybsyh[/link]

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I'm sorry for the way you're feeling about your ability to parent everyone right now, I can understand the feeling under normal cimstrcuances let alone during the hard times. I'll pray for all the kids to have their needs met and rejoice in the bits of good news you've had for Abby.

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So excited I found this article as it made things much qurekci!

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