1. David West - Stuck In Friendsville (Allende remix) (Ava Digital)
2. Plastic Angel - Try Walking in My World (original mix) (Afterglow)
3. Ronnie Allstar - Goodmorning Sunshine (Lemon & Einar K remix) (Flashover
4. Cinema Bizarre - Love Songs (Kyau & Albert remix) (Universal)
5. Cosmic Gate - Body of Conflict (Extended vocal mix) (Maelstrom)
6. Ben Brown - Love and Solace (Topher jones remix) (Audio Logic)
7. D ramirez & Mark Knight - Columbian Soul (Gabriel & Dresden
8. FUTURE FAVORITE: John O Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky
9. Ronksi Speed feat. Julie Scott - Love All The Pain Away (club mix)
10. Dan Stone - Spinal Chord (Original Remake) (Inspired Recordings)
11. TUNE OF THE WEEK: Markus Schulz feat. Departure- Cause you Know
(Coldharbour recordings)
12. The Blizzard - Kalopsia (Monogatos Filth remix)
13. Sean Tyas - Drop (Dan Reaves and Niels von Ahorn remix) (Discover)
14. Tetrazone - Alphalux (Static Blue Remix) (Discover)
15. Rapid Eye - Circa Forever (Aly & Fila rework)
16. Pascal Feliz vs U2 - Beautiful day
17. Dennis Sheperd - A tribute to life (Martin Roth remix) (MPFS Recordings)
18. Re:locate vs. Sir Adrian - Times X (Armada)
19. Carlos - Alandra (Leon Bolier remix) (Spinnin)
20. ASOT Radio Classic: Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Oakeys 2007 remix)(Perfecto)

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