27.04.2016 16:46
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It's possible. Darn! I have to research that Badgoulian connection mentioned by Pereira 2005 as origin for the Magdalenian. I was persuaded that Magdalenian was a local FrCocn-aantabrian developement (the consensus till some years ago), what basically forbade on archaeo-cultural grounds any LUP arrival from West Asia or even Eastern Europe but maybe it's not the case after all. Has anybody some further info on this Badagoulian missing-link culture?

26.04.2016 21:28
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tour ini rekomen banget buat yg mo pegi jalan2 dengan bajet tetairbs.1manggu jalan2,coy. hepi abis. Tour leadernya gokil lg :Dmaju terus Vine Tour!!

26.04.2016 11:55
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This post has helped me think things thgruoh

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