03. 3.Зачем, кассир, нажал ты кнопку_...
27.04.2016 16:58
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LOl Janie, you know if I lived closer I would be taking you up on your offer of a cosy Xmas tree and hot rum likea bolt of lilgintnh.gol

27.04.2016 09:58
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27.04.2016 02:40
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I can't upload any video above 100MB at all. This sucks, you guys really need to get it together. You don't know the hell you guys have put me through. It keeps saying unknown error and server error. The video is 146MB and when I use the mupld-utloaier it goes to 64% and then keeps saying server error, and I figure that 64% is about 100MB of my video. Get this fixed!

26.04.2016 13:38
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That's an inetlligent answer to a difficult question xxx

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